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Feel free to contact me by phone or email to discuss your project.  My phone and email appear on the Project Info Sheet and Rates pages.

WordsArt's  30+ years of nonfiction editing experience includes books about fine art appreciation, film and music instruction, athletics improvement, artistic inspiration, creative nonfiction, nutrition and alternative healthcare, self-improvement subjects and others.  I also served for two years as a contract editor for Powered, Inc., editing and co-writing courses for the corporate online universities of clients such as Barnes & Noble, Dell, VISA, and Bloomberg.com.  Please see Books Edited & Published for descriptions of books edited.

 Do You Need an Editor?       

As an author, realize that getting your work edited isn't saying that the quality of the writing or message is in question.  Most professions employ "quality control" of some kind.  Ensuring the work is checked and mistakes are corrected ensures your work will be professional from all angles.  The best editors will find and fix errors while staying true to your message and style, while pointing out the positives about your writing too!  Writing well is both an art and a craft, and written words, like musical notes, must be arranged in a correct and harmonious way to really sing - or deliver your message with impact.

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