I began my freelance career in the early 1980s, providing script and screenplay services to writers and TV/film production companies in Hollywood.  After a few years I also began offering editing services under the name The Objective Eye.  I edited small business materials - newsletters, promotional copy, employee manuals, musicians' promotional biographies, proposals, audio instruction booklets, and film treatments.  Then I began securing nonfiction book editing assignments and continued this work throughout the 80s and 90s in Los Angeles. 

I found a natural niche with nonfiction book editing and thoroughly enjoyed the analytical and stylistic challenge of helping a writer put words, paragraphs and chapters into the optimum sequence and helping them refine their words so they communicate with impact.  I found it exciting to be able to help people present their unique methods or discoveries in a book - whether it was finding new ways to teach others their art, to create an innovative business, or communicate their passions to the world.  In January, 1999, I relocated to New York, where I changed the name of my business to WordsArt Nonfiction Book Editing.   

In 2000 and 2001, I worked for a company with the brilliant name of Not Harvard.com as content editor of online course curricula being developed for the learning websites of corporate clients such as Barnes & Noble, Dell Computers, VISA and Bloomberg.  I helped writers and curriculum developers create interesting and challenging online courses in a variety of subjects ranging from fine art appreciation to consumer investing and finance.  I was sorry when the company had to change its humorous name for legal reasons and became Powered.com. 

In 2002, Powered disbanded and I refocused my attention on my nonfiction editorial service, WordsArt.  I then continued operating WordsArt as I moved into fiction and nonfiction writing.

                                                                                   - Daveda Lamont