Free Initial Consultation

If you are submitting a full-length book manuscript, I will give you a free initial consulta-tion so I can (1) make sure I understand your project and estimate your manuscript's overall editing needs - what kind and how extensive - and recommend the appropriate editing service; (2) estimate your fee; and (3) write up my findings and estimate for you.  We can review this on the phone if you have questions or comments.  You are not under any obligation to proceed.  I suggest at this point you review the rest of my WordsArt site to learn how I work and how we will work together to achieve your goals for your book  

1. Project Info Sheet, Rates and Manuscript -Please fill out my detailed Project Info Sheet. This form gives me important information about you and your manuscript and helps me determine the best way to work with you on your project. Review page 2 to see the types of editing services I offer and their rates.  If you aren't sure, your Info Sheet will help me recommend the most appropriate service for you.  Download my PDF form by clicking the big button at the bottom of the Project Info Sheet & Rates page.  (You should be able to download a PDF viewer for free.)  If you open it in the Adobe PDF program or another PDF viewer, you'll be able to fill it out on your screen. Then save it to your computer and email it to me as an attachment.  If this doesn't work for some reason, fax it to me (see rate sheet).

2.  Email Me Your Complete Manuscript -  I need to see the entire manuscript to give you the most accurate estimate of what editing will be needed.  Please send me your entire draft manuscript in Microsoft Word (for PC) as an email attachment, formatted double space in Times New Roman 12-13 point if possible, one inch margins all around.  I maintain strict confidentiality with your information and manuscript.  Please scan the document for viruses before emailing it. 

3.  Written Consultation and Estimate - I will complete and email your written free initial consultation and fee estimate as soon as possible - in most cases within a week, or somewhat longer if your manuscript is large.  After you review your consultation and estimate, please feel free to contact me (email or phone) to discuss them and to let me know if you wish to proceed.  Note that I charge on an hourly basis, not per page or line, so the way your manuscript is formatted is for ease of editing and doesn't affect the price.

4.  Advance Payment and Payment Schedule - If you decide to go ahead, I will need an advance payment (as noted on your consultation & estimate) in order to put you on my schedule and begin.  If necessary I will also suggest a payment schedule.  You may pay via PayPal (credit card or cash), personal check, cashier's check or money order.  Once your advance payment is received and banked, I will begin work. 

PayPal charges me 2.9% plus a .30 cent processing fee for each payment it handles for me, so that fee will be added to each of your invoices.  Let me know if you want to use PayPal and I will send you an email Payment Request containing a link for sending your payment to PayPal.  (If you use a cashier's check or certified money order for the exact amount, there is no fee.)

5. Moving Ahead!   After you have completed the above steps, let's touch base by phone or email to make sure everything is in place.  I will let you know my projected schedule.  I look forward to working with you to help you create a fascinating, polished book that people will want to read!