Becoming a True Champion:  Achieving Athletic Excellence from the Inside Out

by Kirk Mango with Daveda (D.E.) Lamont

Two Short Fantasies: One Starry Night's Dream and The Prisoner

"Becoming a True Champion is more than an expert lecture on the keys to sports success, it is a hands-on manual which gives readers practical exercises to help them become the best they can be. Mango has ‘nailed it’ with this book."

                  - Bart Conner, Two-time Olympic Gold medalist

D.E. Lamont

"I found this 'journey' easy to follow, easy to enter into with Tacu, easy to rejoice, hurt, and cry with him on his path to maturity. The illustrations were well-executed and added visual delight to this fine book. This book is nearly flawless and I found few areas, if any, that I could comment on in the area of improvements. It was very inspirational." 
- Judge's Commentary, 19th Annual Writer's
                                                          Digest Self-Published Book Awards, Jan. 2012

Lost without Love - A Hollywood

Tale of  the Future

- Silver Medal Finalist - Novella category - 2012 Next       Generation Indie Book Awards

- Finalist in Cross-Genre Fiction - 2012 National Indie          Excellence Awards

- Finalist in Visionary Fiction - USA Best Books 2011           Awards

Two short fantasies - The first story, "One Starry Night's Dream" is a romance about a beautiful, carefree time in the distant, magic past - a long-ago land of playful passion, high spirits and adventure, much like Shakespeare would have told it in the Elizabethan England of old ... or is it a modern story about a lonely comedian? The second short short story, "The Prisoner," is a Celtic fantasy about a king who lost a battle...and something else... The stories are followed by a brief "Afterword" by the author.

Two Short Fantasies - Kindle e-book available at

Today, aspiring athletes have to work harder and be more dedicated than athletes of previous generations, who did not have to contend with the messages of a popular culture that promotes winning at all costs and implicitly condones "shortcuts." Becoming a True Champion fills a critical need by speaking in a frank and direct voice directly to today's aspiring athletes about these crucial, controversial issues and the personal choices they face. At the same time the book presents them with the antidote to these negative influences - the fundamental values, attitudes and concepts, and practical actions that support and lead to athletic excellence. 

Through relevant examples, inspiring stories, and a personalized approach, the book shows athletes how to avoid the many pitfalls and overcome the inevitable obstacles so common in today's sports culture. Paperback, Kindle & Audible.

Becoming a True Champion - Kirk Mango and D.E. Lamont

by Roger Maxwell, Kathy Maxwell and

Daveda (D.E.) Lamont

Author Roger Maxwell researched and developed this effective home-based recovery program after his own stroke. Through his own efforts he fully recovered. He is a full-time patent attorney and an avid marathon runner.

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The Way of the Eagle: An Early California Journey of Awakening

An offbeat love story with a futuristic angle. In the crazed, politically-correct Hollywood of the near future, a  charismatic leading man has joined a troubled film set in the sweltering tinderbox grasslands below Malibu Canyon. Tyrannical director Greenman has fired three previous leading men and sidekick Andrew is convinced the new lead will be the next casualty. But suddenly   Greenman is all sweetness and light. That has never happened and Andrew becomes obsessed with discovering what's really going on.  Novelette.

Lost Without Love - Kindle ebook available at

Taking Charge of Your Stroke Recovery: A Personal Recovery Workbook

A groundbreaking recovery method for stroke survivors who don't want to give up on life.  Many stroke patients are sent home with lingering disabilities and told they can do nothing more. But there really are no limits on how fully they can recover--if they do the right things. This innovative workbook presents simple, effective, scientifically based recovery plans to help stroke survivors become capable and active again. They help you recover your ability to walk, speak, think, use your hands, swallow and see better. A nutritional plan helps your brain and body heal. Weekly and daily worksheets let you to track your progress for 3 months. There is plenty of work involved--but you will be in charge and there is no limit to how much you can achieve.

Taking Charge of Your Stroke Recovery - Large Paperback

Spiral-bound Workbook Edition

and WordsArt Nonfiction Book Editing

Set in the world of a nearly extinct Native American tribe which prospered thousands of years before that same area became the city of Los Angeles, this is the story of a young Tongva brave, Tacu, who struggles to understand and survive the baffling and often dangerous lessons of Takoda, his mysterious mentor from the North. Until he succeeds, he won’t be allowed to travel to the Place of the Stones for his vision quest and formal initiation into manhood. Yet only by doing so can he earn back the respect of his peers and court the maiden he loves, for he is now shunned by the village as a despicable coward. But Tacu is being held to a different and difficult path by Takoda. He must go through difficult lessons to prepare him to face his future courageously and with honor, and recognize his own true nature.  Novella, illustrated by J.H. Soeder.  Quality paperback & Kindle.

"The spiritual tale of a young Native American from the days before the Spanish arrived in California.... There is hardly a word out of place ... what is most commendable is the precision and unpretentiousness of the prose while still managing to invoke the intense quality of Tacu's visionary quest and moving nature of his movement."   
- Kirkus Reviews

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